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Beginner's Tip

Architectural Photography

One piece of architecture can be shot in a myriad of creative ways. Light, weather, surroundings and the angle of the camera can all have a dramatic effect on how the building will be depicted digitally or on film.

Look for interesting perspectives to make your photograph, but beware of converging vertical lines when shooting upwards of tall buildings. This is more noticeable when using a wide angle lens.

Look for surroundings that compliment the focus rather than distract from it, and don't forget to get close and take detailed shots of doors, statues etc. These shots are often more interesting than your standard post card shot of "Big Ben" from a mile away, and reflect the period and style of the building.

As discussed in a previous tip the direction of the lighting will create vastly different effects in your photographs. For capturing details sidelighting will give you a greater sense of depth and texture. Form and shape are best photographed using front or backlighting.

Finally don't let a few rain clouds scare you off from getting out and shooting some great pieces of architecture as brooding skies, fog and even lightning(be careful) can infuse your architectural photograph with a moody powerful atmosphere.


Budapest - Stairs
Prague - Church
Prague - Clock
Vienna - Church