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Probably the biggest misconception in landscape photography is overcoming the belief that landscapes = panoramas; obviously they don't. Wide angle panoramas more often than not show everything but at the same time say nothing. Great landscapes are often created with narrower viewpoints using lenses that are less wide.


  • 1. Choose one dominant subject.

  • 2. Spend time searching out the best viewpoint , not from the closest car park.

  • 3. Compose your image carefully giving consideration to your foreground, middleground and background as well as the horizon line which usually sits on the top or bottom one third line.

  • 4. Look for unusual weather conditions such as fog which really adds atmosphere to your photographs.

  • 5. To obtain sharp front to back images use a small aperture somewhere between F8-F13. Lenses closed down to f22 actually lose sharpness because of diffraction.

  • 6. Select your focus point about 1/3 of the way into the scene to maximize depth of field.


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Landscape Photography
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Landscape Photography Courses
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Landscape Photography