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Beginner's Tip

  • Lighting

    Light is without doubt the most important factor to consider when taking a photograph. Light changes in three key ways strength, color and direction. At different times of the day sunlight will greatly change the effect of your picture. Generally speaking early morning or late afternoon light is most versatile. The warm color of the low sun is much more pleasing than the nearly colorless midday sun.

  • Sidelighting: will add texture, depth and dimension to your photographs

  • Frontlighting: highlights are detailed within a scene and provide rich color saturation. Ideal for landscape photography but not the best for portraiture.

  • Backlighting: can be used to create dramatic silhouettes or add a glowing rim around a hairline (used in conjunction with a fill in flash) In landscapes it appears to add to the depth of the image because of the long shadows that stretch across the image.

  • Diffused Lighting: is excellent for portraiture and landscape as contrast is greatly reduced and subtle shades of color that can't be seen in bright light now appear.


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