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Beginner's Tip

  • Travel

    Show the Environment

    Faces and Clothing eg. Old wrinkly faces and colorful traditional costumes.

    Use a zoom if you don't want to lose the moment and a wide angle lens to see "the big picture."

    Wait for the decisive moment ie. If you have the time and patience don't rush your shots wait for the perfect moment to happen to complete your shot.

    Shoot people at Work and Play.

    Be culturally sensitive.

    Learn a few key words, hello, please, thank you in the language of the country you are visiting.

    Buy Something! If you're at a shop or a market, once you become a customer, the subject is less likely to mind been photographed as you build a relationship with that person.

    Accept invitations from locals to special events, ceremonies, weddings etc. Remember to them you are something very exotic and they are proud to show you off as well as their own culture.

    Show a genuine interest in your subject and their work. That relationship will be evident in your photographs.


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Portrait and Travel Photography Course
Portrait and Travel Photography Course
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