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  • Beginner/ Night Photography course (from TripAdviser - August 30, 2018)

    This was a great introduction to photography. Francis is extremely knowledgeable and passes on his expertise in an easy to understand way. The night course was a lot of fun. I learned so much in a short time, I will definitely be heading back to Brisbane Photography Courses very soon for the next step in my photography journey!

  • Good value, and patient teacher (from TripAdviser - August 27, 2018)

    I can highly recommend this course. I am not technology-minded and Francis was very patient with me, and good at explaining things. I didn't absorb everything from the course, because I was a bit overwhelmed, but I learnt one or two things, which was my aim. I am now not so frightened of my camera, and I will be using it a lot more often. I am also looking forward to doing another more advanced course when I have mastered the basics!

  • Should be mandatory (from TripAdviser - August 28, 2018)

    Francis is an excellent teacher rather than explaining technical components he explains the concepts behind the results you are trying to achieve and then how to achieve them, the day and night course is outstanding and should be mandatory work every camera purchase

  • Just want to say how wonderful it was joining your beginners Course yesterday afternoon at South Bank. I learned heaps! Thank you so much!

  • Great Course (from TripAdviser - July 19, 2018)

    My husband and I did a 3 hour "one on one" beginners course with Francis. We wanted to learn how to make the most out of our camera instead of just using the auto function, and now have a better understanding to be able to do this. The information was given clearly and was easy to understand. Definitely will look at future courses.

  • Fantastic Photography short courses (from TripAdviser - July 8, 2018)

    Today I attended my second course with Francis, Last year I attended his beginners course and today was the Portrait & Travel course. Francis' expertise and experience is invaluable and completing the course in the city and Southbank is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon while picking his photography brain. All information is delivered in easy to understand terms in Francis' gentle and relaxed manner.

  • Thank you Francis, I have had my SLR Digital camera for many years and on the weekend I learnt how to finally use it properly. I really enjoyed how you ran the class and found your knowledge and your will to share that knowledge very informative. Thanks Betty

  • Thank you so much for today. It was an awesome class and wonderful to meet you. I learnt so much and I can't wait to delve in and take photos. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

  • Thank you so very much for a very enlightening session on how to use our cameras. We enjoyed learning how we can get the most out of our cameras and our photos.

    We look forward to a further session in the not too distant future.

  • I attended the Beginners Course with Francis and it was an absolute cracker. I was a "point and clicker" and within 1 hour was using different depth of field and shutter settings. The info gathered in the 3 hours was invaluable and I can't wait to do another session with Francis. Well worth it !!

  • Thanks Francis for sharing your knowledge. The course was great, both practical and informative. Can highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about their camera and photography.

  • Frances taught me more about my camera than just using "Auto" he's very patient & explains photography in simple terms. It was a very good lesson in a lovely location. Thank you.

  • 10/10 - My friend and I participated in the Beginners course with Francis and it was fantastic. Francis is really easy to learn from and within three hours he had us using manual settings and understanding the basics of how to capture a great photo.

  • My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our class with Francis. We learned a lot and Francis explained everything in a way that a novice could understand. We both feel more confident using our cameras and creating more interesting photos.

  • My sister and I really enjoyed the One-on-One lesson which is fantastic, especially for beginners. Although my sister is more camera savvy then me [I am more of a point-&-press-the-button kind of gal, even surprising myself with the occasional photo turning out!], she was able to talk to Francis about techniques/effects she was wanting to learn and he was more than happy to talk her through it, whilst also having the patience to teach a beginner about aperture, shutter speed, etc.

    Francis is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and patient, with the material covered in the lesson explained in clear and concise terms that people of all levels of experience will be able to understand.

    I am really looking forward to my Europe trip now after taking this lesson - hopefully I will have plenty of photos that turn out :D

    Thanks once again Francis for your time and knowledge, and we will hopefully be back in the future for a different lesson.

  • As someone who spend hours playing around with her camera, I received the beginner 6hr course voucher for my birthday.. It was awesome to know the basics of how the camera works and what settings are best for what you are shooting! Now I can go anywhere and adapt my settings to the scenery and take some amazing pics. It was lovely having a small class size with a group of lovely friendly people. Francis you are so lovely!!!!

  • Thank you Francis, for your professionalism and knowledge that you shared with us on Friday 22/9/17. The course was perfect for us as beginning DSLR users, and really helped peak our interest in pursuing basic photography. The explanation of everything was well presented, and there was a perfect blend of theoretical and practical application. Thanks again, Josh, Jenna & Rachael

  • An immensely useful and interesting introduction to my camera and the art of photography. Knowledge and skills delivered in an easy to understand, practical manner. Thoroughly recommended.

  • It was so nice to finally meet up with you yesterday, and share some of your camera knowledge with us.

    It was very informative and very interesting, and I feel that I have gained an abundance of knowledge and now it is matter of putting all that to practice. The three hours certainly went fast, but thoroughly enjoyable.

    Thank you so much, and I will go to your web site and check out the filters an others that you have available there.

    I hope to meet up with you down the line with possibly some other course.

    Thank you again

  • Thank you so much Francis for a great day & night course!

    Absolutely worth it and value packed. Although I'm not a total beginner I definitely learnt a few things that I had no idea about. From the light/ exposure metre ( total revelation ) to your tips on composition, and understanding the beneficial differences between M / AV / TV. The supporting documentation you provided is also a piece of gold. I'll be using this knowledge straight away to improve personal projects.

    Your wealth of knowledge on lens type & filters suggested for that perfect shot was highly regarded by the small intrigued group.

    I am absolutely in love with my long exposure photos from the night class, seriously cool, I'll be out there soon taking many more!

    I'd highly recommend this class to all.

    Thanks, Kara

  • The One on One class I had with Francis were well spent.

    After watching heaps of youtube videos and still not really getting it, the penny finally dropped after some one on one tuition. I finally understand all about how the aperture and shutter work as well as learning all about different focal lengths and how to make great compositions. I highly recommend the one on one course for anyone who finds learning in a large group difficult. Excellent !

  • Thanks again for another great course last weekend on night photography and I really enjoyed learning some new techniques and the results they give.

  • Darryn and myself enjoyed last nights photography course and learnt a few new techniques so thank you.

  • I really loved the technical tips and posing suggestions Francis gave in the Portrait and Travel class, as well as looking at his beautiful travel photographs. I now feel really inspired to be more creative with my camera.

  • I learnt so much on the Day and night photography course with Francis that I'm now ready to go out and capture the world. Thanks Francis for opening my eyes to a whole new world.

  • Really learnt a lot! Great classes! Both day and night! I had no idea how to work a DSLR in manual mode and always used the Auto mode. After the class, I'm confident to give manual a good go.

  • My son and I attended the beginners photography courses as complete novices. We learnt so much on the day and have hit the ground running. Many thanks to Francis - we will be signing up for further courses!

  • Thanks for the great course yesterday. I am feeling quite inspired to put all the skills you shared with us, into practice

  • I took the day and night photography course on the 16th Oct with Francis as it is the first time i have ever owned a digital SLR i thought i should learn how to get the most out of it. Now i am looking forward to getting out and playing with the features i would never have found on my own. Just the right mix of Theory and Practical

  • I attended the Beginner and Night photography courses on Saturday the 8th of October. Francis structures the courses to suit the skill level of the participants and manages to spend time one on one with everyone. I feel much more confident to experiment with my shots knowing I will be successful more times than not. I would recommend the courses to anyone wishing to improve their photography skills.

  • I completing the beginners photography course on the 19th August, I learnt so much out of the course I booked and did the night photography course on 25th September. This was awesome, Francis is so helpful and knowledgeable. I'm amazed at the photo's I took of car lights and the city lights. Once again, I highly recommend this course. Thanks again Francis, and look forward to the portrait and travel photography course.

  • The three hours spent with Francis and the others of the Beginners Photography Course today were well spent. Francis' knowledge of photography is extremely deep and he manages to explain the theroretical principles very well. I will certainly not memorize every single detail and every tipp but I am very confident to use the manual modes more and to create more interesting pictures now. It was fun and helpful to put the theory into practise right away. Great class!

  • I completed the beginners course on Saturday. Enjoyed the three hours of not using the auto setting and understanding the aperture and shutter modes Thanks Francis

  • Learning to use the studio lights was really made easy by the way Francis structured the lesson. I especially enjoyed shooting when the snoot was been used which allowed me to get some really nice contrasting black and white portraits. Highly recommended!

  • I really enjoyed the studio class that I did recently with Francis. We went through 1,2 and 3 light set ups which really gave me some great ideas for when I set up my own studio.

  • I recently did the portrait course, Francis went through lighting and equipment, model poses, problem solving issues and camera tips which have given me confidence to get off automatic settings.

  • Recently did the beginners course with Francis, from knowing very little before the session I left with confidence in understanding of photography jargon along with practical skills and application of different settings other than auto. Really happy with my decision to take a class with Francis.

  • Feeling more confident now in getting off the auto camera settings...Francis was great in asking me questions too so I could think about what settings to use etc; and he is very patient! Thank you Francis & I hope to do a further course in the near future.

  • Francis is such a knowledgeable and patient teacher! I had such a great afternoon doing the beginners photography class. I have had my DSLR for years and never taken it off auto. Now I have the confidence to explore all the features of my camera and learned that it is a powerful piece of technology! I loved doing the class around Brisbane city as it was beautiful and kept everyone's interest. I loved how Francis integrates everyday scenes around the city for the class to practice the techniques he was teaching. Thank you!!

  • What I learnt in a few hours cannot compare to trying to read and understand manuals, as you applied the theory and put it into practice right away.

    It was great to finally learn what all the letters and numbers displayed on my camera actually means and that the camera is capable of so much more and it's all done without Photoshop.

    Francis is so patient and is able to clearly explain the functions of a camera and the techniques used in photography.

    I just wish I took this course before going on holidays, as it would have made such a difference to my holiday snaps. Thank you Francis.

  • Wow!

    Just completed the Day/Night course yesterday and realize I should have done this years ago.

    Besides the obvious in depth knowledge of photography he (Francis) is a nice guy as well.

    Very logical in his explanations of all aspects of photography and picked some great spots along the way.

    Excellent way to spend 5 hours.

  • My friend Mary and I just did the day/night course last Saturday night and oh my gosh I got to learn a lot more about my camera taking the course rather than trying to read the manual.

    Francis was absolutely fabulous with his broad knowledge of how to get the best out of your camera. He was extremely patient with those of us that were a little less savvy and generously gave his time and knowledge to each and every one who attended.

    To those of you who are thinking of only doing the day course, do yourself a huge favour and do the night course as well. For us that was the highlight of the course and we managed to get some stunning photos. Again, a big thank you to Francis for being so patient and really pleasant to spend 5 hours with. The time flew and was over before we knew it.

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