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Beginners Photography Course

One on One Photography Tuition - flexible date and time to fit your schedule

Online Photography Course

Learn photography from a professional

Photography Course perfect for beginner

Get to know your Digital SLR camera and take better photos

Take a stunning landscape photography

Shoot stunning night photographs in low light with our professional

Landscape photography

All courses are taught in an easy to understand way for beginners


You don't have to be a genius to take better photos; all it takes is a short hands-on photography courses with us. All courses are designed to make the seemingly complex simple by explaining and showing you what the key functions on your camera are and where to find them.

Most importantly, all our classes sizes are small between 2 to 6 and our professional photography teacher spends a lot more one on one time with each person in the class. Moreover, each course comes with notes covering topics such as aperture, depth of field, shutter speeds, ISO, focal lengths and much more.

Whether your camera is a smartphone or DSLR, mirrorless or bridging model or are looking to improve on your existing photography skills then BPC has an informative easy to understand course for you.

Photography short courses for beginners to advanced

phogoraphy courses beginner

Beginners Photography Course


This three hour foundation photography course is specifically designed for beginners. You will learn how to use your camera and all its key functions in manual mode. How to make correct exposures and understand the basics like composition, shutter speed and aperture. The end of the class you will say "GOODBYE" to the Auto mode. No experience required!!

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Dany and Night photography workshop

Day and Night Photography


This fun and informative workshop combines both theory and practice between three hour afternoon beginners session and two hour evening session. Our tutor will read your cameras manual settings and guide you through the key features of your camera like composition, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. You will have more one on one time for question and taking pictures in South Bank Parklands and riverside.

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One-to-one Photography Tuition

One to One Photography Tuition


A one to one photography lessons with an experienced tutor offers the best possible way to master your camera. Whether your camera is a DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera, are a complete beginner or want to improve your photography skills.

Every class can be tailored to individual needs and to improve specific skills. However, the flexible learning option allows students to choose date and time to fit your schedule.

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Night photography course

Night Photography Course


In this night course. You'll learn how to use your equipment and adjust your digital camera settings to take fantastic photos in low light and have fun whilst taking spectacular night photographs of the Brisbane cityscape in a small group with professional photographer Francis Keating.

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iphone and Smartphone Photography Courses

Smartphone Photography Course Brisbane


In this phone course, you will learn how to use your smartphone's camera to its fullest potential, and how to creatively and effectively edit your photos on your phone.

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Landscape Photography workshop

Landscape Photography Course


This advanced course set at Cedar Creek, Samford will teach you the basics of landscape photography. We will cover the best set up for your DSLR camera including bracketing, essential filters for optimizing a landscape, and how to photograph different types of landscapes from deserts to rainforests .

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Travel Photography Course

Portrait Course and Travel Photography Course


This is a one of the best photography courses if you're keen to improve on your portrait and travel photography through theory and practice.

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Studio Photography Courses

Studio and Lighting Workshop


One of our fun photo workshops - you will get to know the various studio lighting equipment and lighting techniques essential to taking fantastic contemporary studio portraits.

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Youth Photography Courses

Youth Photography Course


We teach photography for teens. This class is designed for ages 12-17 who are just starting out in photography and want to learn more about how to get the most out of their cameras and take their photography to new heights.

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Photoshop Workshops

Photoshop workshop for Beginners


One hour photoshop photography course for beginner's photographer. Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop with easy step by step instruction.

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Online photography course

Online Photography Tuition


2 hour online course. We offer a large number of time slots to allow you greater flexibility in booking a time that best suits you.

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"Fantastic Way to Learn"

Take your photography to a new level on a fun, friendly, stressfree practical class

  • Professional Teacher

    Qualified, photography fanatic with a world of experience will make your learning easy to understand enjoyable and incredibly satisfying

  • small class size

    Small class size

    With class sizes of between 2 to 6 you are assured of a lot more individual attention from the teacher

  • discounts

    10% Discounts

    Everyone who has done a previous course is entitled to a 10% discount on all subsequent photography course bookings

  • practical exercises

    Practical exercises

    Our photography courses not only explain the technical side of photography but also provide ample opportunities for you to put the theory into practice.

  • course notes

    Course Notes

    Everyone joining a photo class will be provided with complete course notes covering all the critical aspects of DSLR photography as well as a cheat card for easy reference

  • Camera/Tripod Hire

    Don't let the lack of a camera or tripod stop you from joining a class. We have good quality Nikon cameras , lenses and Benro tripods for hire to make sure your day is a complete success.

Interview with Professional Photographer Francis Keating from Brisbane Photography Courses as featured on 4BC Radio

Director of photography : Francis Keating

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3 April 2021
14:30pm - 17:30pm
3 April 2021
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3 April 2021
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9 April 2021
10:30am - 13:30pm
10 April 2021
14:00pm - 17:00pm
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11 April 2021
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15 April 2021
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The Lastest Reviews
Highly recommend(Beginners Photography Course)

I attended the beginner course with Francis & highly recommend it. The mix of theory with opportunities to put what we learnt to practice was great & offered lots of aha moments for me. I left understanding what the previously confusing dials meant & am excited to put it all into practice.

Awesome course. Great teacher!(Day and Night Photography Course)

Francis was extremely patient and very knowledgeable. Learnt so much. Loved the course. I was an absolute beginner (always used 'auto' on my camera) and my brother who also did it knew a lot about photography and we both got so much out of it! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in photography!

I would recommend buying / bringing an extra battery though otherwise you might not Last the entire day / night course.

Thanks Francis(Day and Night Photography Course)

I had never done a photography course before or been in a group like that, so was quite nervous. Francis is great at what he does, I felt very comfortable almost straight away which made for a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. There was no judgement or pressure. I did the beginners course and the night photography course and it really cemented some concepts and techniques that I had read about before but didn't quite grasp. I will be booking another class as soon as I can. Thanks Francis.

Highly recommend(One on One Photography Course)

My son and I did the one on one 3 hour course with Francis in order to get out of using our dslr cameras in automatic mode. I was not sure if it was possible to learn how to do this in 3 hours but was pleasantly surprised. Francis is very knowledgeable and gave us very clear concise information. By the end of the lesson I was confident using the camera in manual mode and will never go back to using it in automatic. I look forward to taking better pictures and achieving what I want with my camera.

Highly recommend(Day and Night Photography Course)

Francis is a stalwart in photography and i learnt a lot more about the actual camera in those 3 hours. Money well spent and I'd highly endorse !!! Also he spends the time with individuals, making sure that we understand the various settings on the camera and i was highly pleased with this. Thanks Francis.

Francis was a great teacher(Day and Night Photography Course)

Francis was a great teacher and the course I did (day/night) was very good value. Francis was able to provide individual coaching when required, even though we were a class of three. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their photography skills.

Highly recommend(Day and Night Photography Course)

Francis was an excellent host for this course. His extensive knowledge of photography was passed on throughout the duration of the course. He brought example photos and had in-depth discussions with the group about the functions of the camera's and how to get the most out of the camera whilst considering photo composition. I learnt a lot on the day and night course, and I highly recommend using Brisbane Photography Courses to enhance your knowledge around photography and the use of the camera. It is a fantastic idea as a gift as well for anyone you know who loves to pull out the camera and is still learning.

Massive Thank(Smartphone Photography Course)

Massive thank you to Chrissy for the tips and tricks today during the Smartphone Photography Course! Thoroughly recommend it for anyone that wants to get more knowledge when using their smartphone camera. We had so much fun, and walked away excited in using the new functions/information we learnt today 🙂

Thanks Francis!(Beginners Photography Course)

Thanks Francis!! I thoroughly enjoyed your Into course. It gave me a far better understanding of my camera and of the art of photography generally. All I need to do now is practice the learnings and see if I can get to the point of justifying a better camera!

Highly recommend(One on One Photography Course)

I had a private lesson with Francis and it was fantastic! I learned so much in the 3 hours and was able to put the theory lesson into practice around South Bank. I highly recommend his classes. Thanks again!

Great Course(Beginners Photography Course)

Great course, very knowledgeable and well planned course. Excellent value for money, I would highly recommend this company. I will definitely be booking in for other courses down the track.

Hightly recommend(One on One Photography Course)

Really enjoyed the course and learnt so much. Francis explained everything extremely well and made it easy to follow. Highly recommend.

Great Short Course(Day and Night Photography Course)

He has a great way of explaining things so they can be easily understood. As we went from place to place he explained what things to look at and how to shoot a particular scene. We then took photos and had a look at the result. From there we were able to make corrections and reshoot. The results were much better. Simple changes gave impressive results. This is a very effective method of learning.

Later when I went out by myself I found that I could apply what I had learned and my pictures were a big improvement on this.

I highly recommend these courses and look forward to doing more of them.

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