Portrait and Travel Photography Course

$59.00 (2 hour course)

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This course will teach you the optimum camera settings to achieve a great looking portrait with a soft out of focus background (depth of field) , the best lenses to use for portraiture(focal length) as well as lighting and flash photography and some tips on posing and camera angles.

We'll also discuss the best way to capture people and places whilst travelling at home or overseas.

What you will learn :

During the beginners DSLR photography course you will learn: how to creatively use your camera functions, control exposure in various light conditions, focal length/perspective, depth of field, ISO, white balance and the aperture/shutter relationship. How to creatively compose your photograph by using the rule of thirds and other concepts will also be discussed.

Students will need to bring the following :

  • Digital Camera (DSLR - with ability to manually control shutter/aperture)
  • Fully charged batteries
  • Formatted SD cards with some empty space to photograph
  • Rain jacket or umbrella (if it looks like rain)
  • Camera Manual
  • External Flash (optional)

Director of photography : Francis Keating

Ready to kickstart your photography? Check out the available dates:

Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
Brisbane Photography Courses
Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course
Brisbane Photography Courses - Beginners Photography Course


Fantastic Photography short courses

" Today I attended my second course with Francis, Last year I attended his beginners course and today was the Portrait & Travel course. Francis' expertise and experience is invaluable and completing the course in the city and Southbank is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon while picking his photography brain. All information is delivered in easy to understand terms in Francis' gentle and relaxed manner"- debl44

" I really loved the technical tips and posing suggestions Francis gave in the Portrait and Travel class, as well as looking at his beautiful travel photographs. I now feel really inspired to be more creative with my camera." - Tamara

"I completing the beginners photography course on the 19th August, I learnt so much out of the course I booked and did the night photography course on 25th September. This was awesome, Francis is so helpful and knowledgeable. I'm amazed at the photo's I took of car lights and the city lights. Once again, I highly recommend this course. Thanks again Francis, and look forward to the portrait and travel photography course." - Carol

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